Protocol Labs, Inc.

Our Mission

We believe the internet has become humanity's most important technology.
We build protocols, systems, and tools to improve how it works.

Today, we are focused on distributed information systems. There are massive inefficiencies in how we store, locate, and move information. Recent advances have shown how to do things better. We are deploying new systems based on them.

Our Work

We are making the distributed web.

Our systems improve how the web works, based on protocols like Git, DHTs, BitTorrent, Bitcoin, and SFS. We are focused on providing (a) a data-locality aware, secure network stack for distributed applications, and (b) a model for ambient and network-efficient storage.

a peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol

a cryptocurrency operated file storage network

Open Source

If you are reading this, chances are you are using the fruits of open work done every decade since the 1970s. We have all benefitted enormously from Open Source. It's everywhere: from the software we use daily, our OS kernels, our network stacks, and our web browers; to open work processes like the IETF and W3C working groups; to the libraries we use and the contributions we get. The internet is what it is today thanks in great part to an Open work culture. We are the same: our code and our work is Open Source.

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